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Dear Garland, Citizen Engagement is Important, Even at the Local Level

Yesterday, I had a conference call with my strategy team. As we discussed the campaign, both in what has been executed and what is to come, we kept circling back to how small the District 2 voting universe is.

In the 2022 Joint Election, which consisted of 13,137 registered voters in District 2, only 554 votes were cast.

I realize local elections don't share the same spotlight as national elections. But let's keep it real, you can't flip a light switch in your home without the local government being involved. You can't flush a toilet, draw a bath, or do laundry without feeling the weight of your local elected officials' decisions. Street repair, neighborhood improvements, and allocation of tax dollars are all handled in-house. The bond measures that determine improvement priorities are all crafted right here in Garland.

I know that local politics isn't glamorous, but local choices either become the most intrusive or the most liberating decisions we can make, bar none.

Obviously, I'm going to ask for your support, but more importantly, I'm going to ask for your engagement, regardless of who you vote for. Your participation in the upcoming joint election will directly impact your quality of life for years to come.

Be engaged. Be informed. Make the best decision for you.

Early Voting and Election Day dates can be found here.

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