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While I take every endeavor I enter into seriously, I still enjoy having fun.

There's nothing more enjoyable than saying something that leaves people scratching their heads.

Case in point: Michelle and I are parents of a blended family. We are the quintessential "Yours, Mine and Ours" mix. Shortly after moving to Texas in 2009, I celebrated my 43rd birthday. That morning Michelle reminded Patrick, the youngest child of her first marriage, to wish me a 'happy birthday.'

When he did, I greeted him with a loud, boisterous, "WELL, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO, PATRICK!" Needless to say, Patrick, at the tender age of 9, was confused. He meekly looked at me and whispered, "Um, Dad, it's not my birthday."  He was right, but to this day the entire family greets a 'happy birthday' with a 'happy birthday to you too.' 

How happy would we be if we treated every day like it was our birthday? We would certainly smile more, be in a better mood, and embrace our journeys with joy. So, if you're so inclined, please join me in 'enjoying the ride.'

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