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Citizen Empowerment vs. Overprotectiveness: Fostering Garland Independence.

The first question I'm asked by District 2 residents is, "What makes you qualified to serve on the City Council?" I could mention my experience serving on various Garland City Boards, that insight into City operations has been invaluable. I could mention the leadership roles I've held in the numerous organizations I serve. But, I strongly believe that nothing has prepared me more for elected office than leading a family of eight children. Being a father of eight has taught me diplomacy, compromise, conflict resolution, fiscal responsibility, level-headedness, critical thinking combined with common sense, and how to empower people, promote autonomy, and advocate for independence.

Parenting is challenging just like the city council will be. Parenting is a rewarding journey that requires patience, dedication, love, and a commitment to serve others before yourself. These are the personal traits I bring to District 2. My job on the council is not just to amplify stakeholders' voices, but to empower citizens and businesses by advocating for a system where ALL of District 2 can live its best life.

Conflict resolution is a crucial skill to have as a parent, as it helps to maintain a healthy and peaceful environment at home. I've never been a "go along to get along" kind of dad. Our family has had hard, sometimes heated, discussions. But even in the most tenuous situations everyone in the family is treated with respect and everyone gets a say. We avoid ultimatums. Every conflict is resolved with compromise. No one walks away from the table feeling their voice and ideas aren't important.

Similarly, holding public office is a significant responsibility that requires strong leadership skills, critical thinking, and the ability to make tough decisions. Conflict resolution is also essential in this field, as Garland leadership must navigate complex issues and negotiate to achieve public policy that will benefit everyone.

Regardless of the context, effective communication and a willingness to listen to diverse perspectives are key to successfully navigating conflicts in parenting and public office. By promoting open dialogue and a willingness to compromise, we can build stronger neighborhood relationships and achieve more positive outcomes.

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