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Eric D. Stuyvesant, the Best Choice for Garland City Council District 2

Photo ops are nice, but they do nothing more than boost a person's ego. Photo ops certainly don't craft public policy that will benefit the residents of District 2.

Quality public policy is crafted when a city councilperson carefully weighs the pros and cons of the situation, attentively listens to the neighborhood and has the foresight to understand the overall effect of the decision they have been asked to make. A camera can't reason. A photo won't decide. If you want sound, well-reasoned resolve in the votes that will effect your everyday life, then I'm your man.

Endorsements from an existing councilmember who is vacating the seat are lovely but are ultimately trivial unless the former councilmember intends to be silently engaged in the decision-making process. YOUR voice must represented, and as your council member, it will be my job to ensure YOUR voice is heard.

Volunteers are the backbone of every community. The few who step forward to lend a hand in times of crisis are invaluable to every neighborhood. I will be the FIRST to serve you and the LAST to leave. If you want servant-based, family-oriented leadership representing you, then I'm your man.

Running for public office is not a decision I take lightly. God placed this calling on my heart and after much prayer, careful deliberation, and long talks with my wife, Michelle, I have decided to run for the soon-to-be-open council seat in District 2.

As a candidate, I bring inherent leadership skills to the table. I have the vision and the foresight District 2 deserves. I will engage in challenging discussions. I will ask the questions you need answers to and some that you haven't thought of, and, most importantly, I will keep you informed with thoughtful analysis of how decisions were made.

I will work diligently for better streets, smarter spending, and district-wide equity.

If your proverbial potholes need fixed, then I'm your man. But forgive me if I don't post a photo of myself standing next to the problem. I would rather spend my time working hard for District 2, crafting good public policy and being a part of the solution.

See you on the campaign trail,

Eric D. Stuyvesant


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